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This event is aimed at amateur classically-oriented players and composers to perform short pieces of around 5 minutes duration. The event is not a 'concert' as such. Depending on how many performers there are there may be a second or even a third playing opportunity.

CLM was borne out of my experience of the folk club ‘singaround’ format where everyone gets a turn to play an instrument and/or sing. As an amateur musician who likes folk and classical music I found that there was no such outlet for classical musicians so I created one.

Now just a few words about what is meant by 'classical' music. It does not just mean Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. There was a Classical Period of around 1730-1820 but classical music is a style, just as folk and jazz are styles. Classical music is being written in the present day. Much of what I write is classical influenced by folk, or perhaps folk influenced by classical. There are many crossovers in the musical world but we have to put labels on musical experiences in order to match the right audience with the right performance. A jazz lover would be most displeased if he found himself unexpectedly listening to heavy metal. A classical violinist would be embarrassed if she unsuspectingly stepped out to perform to an audience expecting Hip Hop. People who come to CLM will probably have a pretty good idea of what to expect but there will be performances that test the boundaries of the definition.