Gaia's Hand by David Silver


Listen to the birds a singing their song

Heed the wind just echoing

As I climb the hill to view the far lands

Birds and wind are following

Higher I climb and more I see

Higher I do climb and sharper I be

If I could just meld into the land

If only I were to be here forever

If I could be one with the land

And become eternal in Gaia's hand


Waves of the sea do fall on the land

And mark their presence in the dawn

Sandgrains on the beach do roll round in joy

As they see their sisters born

Sol he beats down hard as he can

And the warm wind is ever so bold

But as I climb ever further upwards

Sol has his way with never a fight

As the hill grows into a mountain

Sol he is master of all in sight


Onwards I climb I'm strong in limb

On I strive to Heaven's gate

Bees, birds and beasts do watch me go by

We are one with Gaia

If, I wish if only now all

Would feel the same as I so do now

I so hope if we only could change things

All could share in this cosmic joy and

Oh if only every one heeded

All could live in Gaia's hand


September 2010